What is this “Dark Web” and why should I care?

What is this “Dark Web” and why should I care?

What is the “Dark Web?”
The dark web is an encrypted network of servers that operate across the Internet.  The technology that the servers use to connect to each other keeps their identities and locations completely anonymous.  Special software is used by a “user” in order to connect with these anonymous servers, and in turn keep each users location and identity anonymous.  The end user software acts as a “browser” and allows users to browse and communicate with dark web server

Who built the “Dark Web?”
The “Dark Web” was developed by the US Government as a way to securely communicate globally over the unsecured Internet.  This technology allows government workers to ensure the security of their communications without the prying eyes of enemy governments and actors

That all sounds great, so why should “I” worry about it?
Because the “Dark Web” allows people to communicate securely and anonymously, bad guys are using the technology to do bad things.  Because of the secure and anonymous nature of the network, criminals use it to sell their stolen wares.  So when a hacker steals your usernames and passwords, credit cards, and personal information, they sell this information on the Dark Web.  The Dark Web provides the marketplace that criminally minded people can use to transact

Great, is there any way to protect myself from these types of people?
Yes, there are a number of ways you can protect yourself.  There are proactive measures and reactive measures.  In this blog post, I’m going to focus on a particular proactive measure that relates directly to the Dark Web, Dark Web Research

What is Dark Web Research?
We will never be able to close every security vulnerability, so we need a “Canary in the Coal Mine” to help us detect when we are in jeopardy.  This is where Dark Web Research services (DWR) come in.  DWR services can alert you when your private information get’s posted on the dark web. The information can then be used to shut down the criminals ability to affect you.  As an example, a DWRS may alert you to your bank account login credentials being posted up for sale.  That knowledge can then allow you to call your bank and change your credentials

Seriously.. why would someone want to attack me?
Criminals don’t know you from Peter.  Most cyber-crime is committed automatically through small pieces of software called bots.  These bots are sent out to try to infect systems that are vulnerable to attack.  Once infected, the systems can trick you in a number of ways into divulging your private information.  I am paraphrasing and simplifying here because the mechanisms cyber-criminals use are quite advanced, and I want to keep this simple for you to understand.  The bottom line is, if you are connected to the Internet, you ARE being targeted

OK, how can I protect myself and my business?
We have partnered with a wonderful Dark Web Research firm to help our clients protect their information.  This company was originally contracted by the US Government to be the “Google” of the Dark Web, capturing and indexing this information to protect our Government from this type of breach.  The company has now made their service available to PCG so that we can protect our clients.  If you’d like more information about this service contact us at 858-201-4110 or angela@pcgit.net