Our Clients

PCG advises, participates, and performs.

“PCG has successfully managed our law firm’s IT infrastructure for years.  From state of the art internal and external email, to security, to storage, to hardware, the web, phone, and the business software our firm depends on, PCG is always there. 

PCG advises, participates, and performs.  They make sure our Statewide office locations connect, sync, and communicate in real-time…with each other and our clients.  PCG is a partner, seeing our clients as their clients, and our business as their business.”


David, a Director, Clients Services of a Statewide California Law Firm.”   

Awesome Customer Service

My PCG technician laughed with me when we realized that the issue was as silly as it was! Awesome customer service.

Simply the Best



Quick, Efficient, and Knowledgeable

Quick, efficient and knowledgeable. I greatly appreciate that the team at PCG had records of the initial contact and kept us up to date with the progress. They were quick to respond and even followed up by coming to the property to make sure everything was working properly. Thank you so much for your help!

Great Communication Skills

My experience was great because of great communication skills by PCG Staff.